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Waterproof Gear for Medical Aid. Amphipak key at Vertical Blue Freediving Competition

Medical staff member holding up Amphipak at the Vertical blue free diving competition

Vertical Blue Freediving competition

The Vertical Blue Freediving competition is not just a test of human endurance and skill, but also a testament to the power of teamwork and the importance of reliable equipment. This year, Amphipak had the privilege of playing a crucial role in the event, providing the medical team with our top-of-the-line waterproof backpacks.

From the moment the medical team arrived on the scene, it was clear that they had a challenging task ahead. The nature of a freediving competition means that Waterproof gear for medical aid must be kept close at hand, yet safe from the surrounding water. This is where Amphipak came in.

Amphipak Provides Waterproof Gear for Medical Aid

Freedive Medicine posting about using Amphipak on facebook for the Vertical Blue 2022 event

Our waterproof backpacks, known for their robust construction, reliable waterproofing, and unique floating feature, were chosen to protect the medical team's vital equipment and supplies. The team was able to store everything they needed in our backpacks, from medical instruments to emergency supplies, with the confidence that their gear would stay dry, safe, and within reach, even in the water.

Amphipak being shown at the diving competition for Vertical Blue 2022 assisting medical teams with life saving gear

Throughout the competition, the medical team was able to focus on what they do best: providing essential support to the competitors. They didn't have to worry about water damage, accessibility issues, or losing their equipment to the depths, thanks to the design and functionality of our backpacks.

But it wasn't just the quality of our products that made a difference. The medical team also appreciated the thoughtful features of our backpacks, such as the ample storage space, the comfortable straps, and the floating feature, which made carrying them around all day easier and more efficient.

Woman floating with the Karpathos 34L Waterproof backpack to help out with medical

Looking back at the Vertical Blue Freediving competition, we at Amphipak are proud to have contributed to the smooth running of such a prestigious event. We're reminded of why we do what we do: to provide reliable, high-quality waterproof gear that enables our customers to focus on their passions, whether that's freediving, hiking, or providing medical support at a major event.

As we celebrate the success of the Vertical Blue Freediving competition, we're also looking ahead to how we can continue to support such events in the future. We believe in the power of human endeavor and the importance of reliable gear. And we're committed to being there, every step of the way, with our waterproof backpacks.


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