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100% waterproof adventure backpack

Immerse yourself and your gear with an entirely new evolution of backpack. Take it kayaking, in a lake, surfing, snorkeling, down a wet canyon...

Test the limits

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100% waterproof

We're not just any dry bag that you'd splash and hope it keeps everything dry inside, we're a completely waterproof and submersible backpack you can completely submerge it in water and all of the materials will stay dry. 

Water Drops
Built to last

Most packs are made of cloth and wear down in no time. Our pack comes with Thermoplastic polyurethane material which is abrasive resistant, puncture proof, and water sealed. 

Floats like a charm

Strap your backpack to the back of a kayak and move along. The air in the pack upkeeps the natural buoyancy. 

Airtight zipper

The zipper traps air so water cannot get in. Zip the zipper all the way up to the top and lock it in place and be rest assured your gear is protected and safe.

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Adventure ready

When we say adventure ready, we mean quick and easy access to all of your gear including a vertical zipper, easy to access side-pockets, straps for gear hookups, removable mesh, a back water bladder compartment, and more!

Cloudy Fog

Protect your gear and enjoy your next adventure

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