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Meet the team

Meet the Amphipak team including the co-founders, directors, and main contributors to Amphipak's success

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Jungle River

We aim to create innovative products that allow you to have the best experience possible in the sport you love. Whether that is canyoneering, rafting, fishing, or another unique passion, we will make the experience simpler so you can dive into nature. Gear and all.

Our mission

Antelope Canyon
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Larry Andrew

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Nathan Andrew

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Morgan Kotter
VP of Marketing

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Mitch Andrew
Media Production

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Aaron Andrew
Director of product development

About Larry

Larry has been Canyoneering a long time, and he has been adventurous long before that. Since he was young, Larry began in rock climbing and backpacking under a mentor with the Exum School of Mountaineering and practicing in Joshua tree for lead climbing with trad gear, some sport routes, aid climbing, as well as jumaring. Larry discovered Canyoneering in 2002 and trained in two different courses with the American Canyoneering Association Canyon Rescue Course from Rich Carlson himself. Since that time, Larry has assisted groups through many slot canyons throughout the state of Utah, and some in other states like Colorado, Nevada, and Arizona. He also has participated on multiple occasions with the Zions Canyoneering Rendezvous’ and Hanksville Rendezvous’. These experiences have given Larry tremendous understanding and experience in the sport which has been key in development of Amphipak™.

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About Nathan

Nathan has always grown up going on many of his father's canyoneering adventures. He has been a resident of Utah most of his life and has enjoyed many of the hidden treasures that lie within this state's vast deserts. A dream Nathan has always wanted to contribute to a big idea and help it come to fruition. When his father talked about the pain points regarding water and gear, Nathan looked at the opportunity and thought this would be the perfect way to impact the Canyoneering Community.

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