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Learn what makes Amphipak the best waterproof travel bag. Take it anywhere and protect all of your clothes and items while traveling.

What makes the best waterproof travel backpack?

When looking for the best waterproof travel bag, you are looking for several key factors:

  1. Capacity and storage

  2. Activities you will do at the destination

  3. True waterproofing


Waterproof bag capacity and storage

The ideal size for a travel bag to fit all of your clothes and luggage is a 30L travel bag. A duffle bag will commonly fit this criteria or a suitcase. Some downfalls are that a duffle bag with dividers are rare and often expensive. Usually, if you need something waterproofed, you will have electronics or clothes that you do not want to get wet. Some will use a regular bag or backpack and add in a  electronics travel organizer waterproof storage bag. If you are bringing camping luggage, you will want to make sure that you have a lightweight waterproof bag or waterproof luggage bag. Luckily, the Amphipak Karpathos 34L meets all of this criteria and is 34L, has a vertical zipper, and dividers with a small waterproof zipper pouch on the top of the pack. If you need a small waterproof travel bag, you can choose the Amphipak Coqui 22L. Both of the Karpathos and the Coqui will fit in luggage compartments or under your seat while you fly to your destination.

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Waterproof activity bag for your destination

A common mistake people will make is that they will pack for traveling, but not for when they are walking around or participating in activities. You don't want to take your suitcase on a hike do you? When you hike, are out on the beach, kayaking, or walking about, you will want something that is lightweight and easy to move around. What's more, if you are out in the rain, participating in a water activity, you will want to take your valuables with you and make sure that your electronics, clothes, and food do not get wet. If you need waterproof luggage, the Amphipak will serve it's purpose as the number 1 source of keeping your gear and supplies dry. As a waterproof backpack for kayaking, waterproof bag for paddle boarding, or wetsuit bag, you'll keep all everything safe and enjoy your trip.

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True waterproofing

Most backpacks are not waterproof and are water resistant backpacks, rollup bags, or have waterproof covers. You need materials that will last and seal up the bag from getting water in. Our bags are air sealed waterproof bags and have a locking zipper mechanism that keeps your stuff dry. If you need a camping travel bag, waterproof storage bag, or anything to keep your things dry, use Amphipak as the all in one solution for traveling and your activity.

Ready to have a waterproof travel bag of your own?

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