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Learn what makes Amphipak the best waterproof backpack for kayaking. Protect all of your clothes and items from getting wet while on the river or lake.

What makes the best waterproof kayaking backpack?

It's common to use dry bags for kayaking, but have you considered a waterproof backpack for kayaking? When looking for the best waterproof backpack for kayaking, you are looking for several key factors:

  1. Floatability

  2. Size and durability

  3. True waterproofing



The one thing you don't want to deal with is a bag with all of your clothes, keys, wallet at the bottom of the river. Some combat this by using a rollbag or dry bag with their raft and strapping it to the raft. This can word in some cases but in the case that it ever gets loose or is not tied down correctly, it can find its way in the river and your valuables are gone. With Amphipak, the pack can float freely on the water. The airtight container keeps the buoyancy of the pack afloat so that it can float alongside your raft. You can toe it with you so you can have a waterproof kayaking tour bag or you can strap it up with the convenient loops provided on the pack.

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Size and durability

When using a kayaking backpack, you will want to make sure it can withstand rocks, dirt, and the constant flow of water. In addition, you will also need to have a submersible backpack as going through rapids will commonly cause the backpack to be submerged underwater. An underwater pack is a no good pack if it isn't keeping your goods dry. In addition to durability, the size of the pack will matter as you will need to pack in enough gear for your tour including food, cameras, and a change of clothes. A waterproof camera bag is a no brainer as it will allow you to take your professional camera and be assured that it is safe and protected. The Amphipak comes in handy as a large waterproof bag at 34L and can fit all of your gear for a tour on the river. 

Water Drops

A submersible watertight backpack

The materials of the Amphipak made of thermoplastic polyurethane behave as a tight compact membrane that is makes that watertight backpack keep the insides dry in the water. Most backpacks are not waterproof and are water resistant backpacks, rollup bags, or have waterproof covers. While even the best dry bags for kayaking can do the job, they often have leaks and are not fully submersible. The Amphipak can be brought underwater without any leaks. An underwater backpack sounds like something out of sci-fi movies right? No joke - our bags are air sealed waterproof bags and have a locking zipper mechanism that keeps your stuff dry. If you need a kayaking tour bag, waterproof dry bag, or anything to keep your things dry, use Amphipak as the all in one solution for traveling and your activity.

Ready to have a waterproof kayaking bag of your own?

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